The Squid has always been one of my favorite folders. I think I designed the original about 10 years ago and I’ve been wanting to do a larger version for probably just as long. 😬 . . . The problem was that every time I messed with the idea I just couldn’t get the proportions and scaling to work. The Squid is a weird knife, it’s kind of chunky, wide for its length, and has some design language that give it a pretty specific vibe. It was definitely a me problem but I put the idea out of my head for a long time. . . . I finally decided to really dig in a few weeks ago and I’m stoked with the results. I still have a few small tweaks to make but running this little pattern last night made me really happy. 😊🦑 #BRNLY #Knives #Squid #ThreeInchGiant #HappyLittleKnife #SheKindaCute #RevisionOneThousand #LaserLaserLaser


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