Over the years I’ve come to think of craft as a constantly increasing and decreasing circle. When you start a project it’s a large circle. You are looking at the the overall plan, assembling the materials and the many processes involved. As the work progresses the circle begins to decrease in size while the focus and detail increases. The raw materials are turned into parts, the parts are in turn finished and small details begin to come into play. At the end you are focused on only one detail, often times it’s not only the last in sequence but also a small thing in proportion to the overall work that has been done. The circle ends up as a single point and then disappears. Its kind of an interesting process as the next project again starts off with a large circle meaning you have to totally change where your head is at in regards work which can be both awesome and incredibly frustrating. #RandomThoughts #TooMuchCoffee #BRNLY #Knives #Friday


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