As things are returning to normal (ish) and I’m switching my focus back to the work on my bench I wanted to take a minute to thank one person in particular for making this possible. I say “this” meaning #CypopForTots (she’s been there since the first one) but also in a much larger sense. (Spoiler alert: It’s long!) … @madsterful is not only in charge of many of our day to day operations. Things like apparel and merch, newsletter copy and photography, shipping, customer service and travel plans. Maddie is also the number 1 grounding force in my life. I know my limitations (there are a lot) And Maddie does an amazing job of keeping me balanced and presenting a counterpoint to my often all or nothing, slightly manic creative plans, processes and general weirdness. … Add to this the fact that she is the primary caregiver for our little dude and also just took over the creative direction and content creation of the @brnly_brand page and you start to get the picture. I work hard and I’m proud of what I do but in a lot of ways Maddie is much much tougher than I am. Working with a partner can be incredibly difficult (read I’m difficult😆) but also incredibly rewarding… At this point I literally can’t imaging doing this without you and look forward to seeing what we can build together. @madsterful thank you for all of your patience, perspective and persistence. I am a lucky bastard and I love you. ❤️ #RoadDog #RideOrDie #Partner #SideBySide #Respect #BRNLY #Knives #Grateful #SmallBusiness #CapeCod


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