Alright guys! The official Cypop 4 Tots 2019 is coming to a close. Due to a couple of auctions taking place in groups on Facebook the link will remain open until tomorrow. . . . As of right now the total is an absolutely mind blowing. $106,906.95 . . . This total beats last year by approximately $15,000 😳 . . . Ever year we have run this I’ve been sure it would not be able to beat the prior year. At some point this will be the case. But thanks to your insane generosity IT’S NOT THIS YEAR!!!! . . . Now is where our work really begins. On Friday morning we will be meeting up with Marines from Pico Rivera, Mattel and some of our close friends to help make sure that we are able to put some hope and cheer into the holidays for a whole lot of children and their families. . . . Thank you all for the support and allowing me to be part of this. . . . Proud to know you guys. #BRNLY #WHDG #C4T #ToysForTots #LosAngeles #Mattel #Grateful


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