Welcome to the back room.

Hey Guys,

Well, its taken a bit of time but we’re up and running!

This section is going to be a work in progress, at this point I’m not sure exactly where its headed. (lots of ideas seem to start that way for me)

I do know that its something I’ve wanted to include for a long time and I’m stoked that its ready to roll. I’m hoping that as we grow we’ll see new ways to keep this feature cool and useful.

For now it is going to be the place where I post up the Brawler exclusives, lotteries and info for you guys only. We’re currently looking at some options for a chat box that I think could be really cool as well.

I’m also planning on using you as my testers for the web shop, photo gallery etc as I can release them to a much smaller group to work out any bugs.

Thanks for the support.



  1. joshgilbert 9 years ago


  2. cwilliams 9 years ago

    Looks great!

  3. Coolz 9 years ago

    Looking great!

  4. Michelle Holubiak 9 years ago


  5. Kromad 9 years ago


  6. S Cottingham 9 years ago

    It’s a party in here

  7. bkhodges 9 years ago

    hells yes!! thank you Lucas and Michelle!!

  8. Ahurth 9 years ago

    Looks super good, will have to get you some nice photos of my things soon. So exciting 😉

  9. Reflexred 9 years ago

    hell yeah #45 here, ready for some cypop lottery action lol. great looking site Lucas.

  10. Greg 9 years ago

    Glad to be here

  11. beanbag 9 years ago

    who’s got cookies?

  12. UglyJim 9 years ago

    Very cool…glad to be here.

  13. rkelley013 9 years ago

    boom in like flynn, thank’s for the add Luc

  14. localguy 9 years ago


  15. Sarah 9 years ago

    Very cool! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

  16. aggie 9 years ago

    Hell yeah.

  17. ACard 9 years ago

    Fantastic! Thanks for the add!

  18. Bamcis 9 years ago


  19. Jeeves 9 years ago

    It’s comfy in here! I like it!

  20. PLATEROLL 9 years ago

    Glad to see it up and running. Thanks for the invite.

  21. PeeJayIX 9 years ago

    Nice! Honored to be here!

  22. funimpressed 9 years ago

    Thanks for making this happen.

  23. bassboy94941 9 years ago

    Happy to be here

  24. Blitzburgh 9 years ago

    So great to be here!! Thanks to Lucas and Michelle

  25. fire_freak05 9 years ago

    glad to be here!

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