2016 Cypop for Tots

Donations are officially closed! Thank you for all the support.

It looks like we crushed last year’s total. We will follow up with more details soon.


Thanks for joining our 4th annual 2016 Cypop for Tots raffle! 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to Marine Toys for Tots.

Entries are $10.00 each, but you can select the number of entries you want to make (more entries means more chances to win and more toys for the kids).

We’ll run the raffle for 24 hours (ending in the afternoon of December 15th), and then go shopping on Friday the 16th. Winners will be picked on the 16th via random number generator, and this year we’re going to pick 11 winners (!!) and a few more that will get drawn for some special Steel Flame gear and BRNLY schwag packs.

One 1st place winner will receive a 1/2″ Zirconium Cypop with a Brawler and Beardy Claus stamp inlaid with a black cubic zirconia.


Ten 2nd place winners will receive a standard brass Cypop with our new exclusive Cypop for Tots and Beardy Claus stamp.


All winners will receive a spot in the Burnley Brawlers Collectors Club (if they’re not already a member). 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and generosity–you’re going to make lots of kids very happy this holiday season.


Work Hard. Do Good.

Lucas + Maddie 

  1. mmc90 7 years ago

    What a wonderful cause! I’m honored to be able to contribute.

  2. rjrobertson11 7 years ago

    looking forward to seeing the final result of shopping carts filled with Toys!! Thanks Luc and Maddie

  3. Aryeh 7 years ago

    So cool guys

  4. ssypien 7 years ago

    Done, good stuff!!!

  5. Trent 7 years ago

    Bad ass, let’s top last year, great work, Luc! Cacaww!

  6. Author
    Maddie Kropa 7 years ago

    Thank you all for your incredible support this year–we can’t believe that you raised $25,000 in 24 hours! Now for the fun parts (well, the even funner parts)…

    We’re going to take an evening (or two) and sort through all the raffle entries (there are a LOT of them to work through). Once we have all the contributors counted, we’ll be ready to hit “go” and get the magic numbers churned out…But FIRST, tomorrow morning, we’re going to be meeting up with the Marines and hitting Toys R Us and doing the big shop. We’ll be wearing our holiday hats, acting a fool, and taking LOTS of pictures for you as we fill our carts. And finally–after toys have been gathered, delivered to the distribution center, and we’ve bought a round (or two) for the Marines to thank them for all of their awesome and tireless work–we’ll pull the raffle winners’ names, and notify them. In all likelihood, winners will be notified on Saturday.

    So, just to recap: sorting happens tonight, shopping happens tomorrow, and winners will be notified this weekend.

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Volcomedward 7 years ago

    Amazed by the support from the community and the Burnley teams generosity. Proud to be a brawler #927

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