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Inspired by the lighthearted mischief of youth, the BRNLY SlingPop is a modern take on a classic childhood staple with a grown-up twist. Designed for your back pocket, the SlingPop combines the fun of a slingshot with the practicality of a “bar key” bottle opener.

Our friend Jason over at Prometheus Lights laser engraved this limited run of SlingPops with his exclusive Hex-Digicam logo. We love the way these turned out! These are Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized (HAIII) and feature “natural” anodizing and the “natural” band color.


  • Matching Photon Lanyard Bead
  • SlingPop with one Natural band installed
  • One spare band
  • 50 pcs of 5mm steel ball bearings
  • Hand-screened shop rag

Additional Band (2) and Ammo Sets, Ball Pusher Storage Cans, and Leather Ammo Pouches are also available separately.

Made in the U.S.A.

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