A. Right now, I am not accepting orders due to a lengthy backlog. When I work through my current list I may open my books for a limited time. The best way to stay notified of changes is to sign up for the Burnley Knives mailing list or follow me on social media.

That said, there are a few ways to get one of my knives. Available knives may be posted as flash orders or lotteries via the same mailing list and social media.

A. Over the years certain combinations of materials and finishes have become very popular. I decided to name these variations, so you may see something like “Mech”, “Monochrome”, “Spartan” or “Emperor” in combination with the name of the knife.

A. The Brawlers started off as a Burnley Knives user group on the USN forum but is now managed through this website. Members have access to special runs, logo gear and a separate lottery at shows. Membership is limited and opened up at certain points throughout the year.

A. All of my custom knives will be marked “Burnley” as they are my signature product. “BRNLY” is my brand logo for everything else, Cypops, Apparel, etc.

A. I offer my factory collaborations here for people that would like to buy one directly from me, they are priced at MSRP as I am not trying to compete with my online distributors.

A. We do not take orders for Cypops. The Cypop was started as a fun side project for Lucas in between making knives, and the demand has outgrown his ability to make these constantly available. However, we are trying to make our “Evergreen” Cypops (currently the Standard, “Old School” .25 Brass) available on a monthly basis through the website.

Other than the website, Cypops with more specialized finishes can be purchased at shows. I will be posting a calendar of upcoming shows throughout the year. Stay tuned!

A. Cypops have a tendency to fly out of the web shop within a few minutes. We understand that this can be frustrating to someone who checks religiously only to find out that they have missed a product restocking. We don’t often announce when we are restocking Cypops, but we often do it in tandem when we’re sending out a weekly newsletter. So, If you’re not already signed up for the Burnley Knives newsletter, we suggest adding your name to the list.

A. Cypops purchased on the website, at a show, or on the secondary market can not be modified with special finishes, stamped, or engraved. The main reason for this is because those Cypops are considered “finished” products. Any additions after the fact run the risk of damaging your Cypop at that point.

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